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I feel crazy. Unsettled. On edge.

You know why? Cause I expect a perfect day. I expect everything I do to go perfectly… not only that… I expect the perfection to happen when I want it to.

It’s been a good day. I have done things I really love doing, and had a bunch of success doing that. Found out our van is not in as bad a shape as I thought it was… and got to visit with some friends we haven’t seen in about a month… good day.

And yet I’m unsettled… cause I was not able to be perfect. There are several things that are slightly out of my control that I could not master today… and that is the part that dominates my thoughts and emotions.

What am I thinking? 🙂

I am going to choose to enjoy a football game with my wife and to talk about all the good stuff that happened today. The other stuff will work out tomorrow.

Or not.

Life is not perfect.


That’s perfect.

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