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What a bummer! My Bills are out of the playoff picture (AGAIN) so I was trying (even though I don’t really care) to find another team to root for…

The first weekend, I thought I would root for Seattle, since we have friends there, like the city, and they were a long shot. I like long shots.

The shot was too long…

Was also rooting for San Diego and Green Bay. SD is a cool story… well… WAS a cool story. And, how can you not like B. Favre?

BUT… no dice. 3 out of 4 teams I was rooting for lost last weekend. Crazy.

OK, no worries. I can jump on another band wagon! 🙂 This weekend I was thinking it would be so cool if St. Louis went into Atlanta… an 8-8 team beating Michael Vick at home… could be fun… and those Steelers are so totally over-rated, an early loss to, yes, even the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! … would be fun. And I really do not like Philly at all, team/coach attitude, just not fun to root for, so I root heavily against. 🙂 Besides, I used to be a big Minnesota fan in high school, so it was easy to root for them! 🙂

But most of all… I will NEVER root for New England. They ooze arrogance and smugness that just makes you want them to lose. (Well, me anyway) Plus, they are division rivals who seem to have quite the upperhand on our Bills of late… so… it’s ALWAYS fun to see them lose!


1-7 so far this playoffs. Indy beat Denver. That’s the only one I got right. 🙂

So this weekend? Who do I like? (so you can go but down a “sure thing” in Vegas?) 🙂

I am quite against my better judgment rooting for/picking:

Pittsburgh over New England (PLEASE!!!)


Atlanta over Philly (again… PLEASE!!!)

And for the Super Bowl, I would love to see Atlanta finally win one! They are the only team left I can actually root for instead of against. So… here’s hopin’…

(You should probably go place your bets now…) 🙂

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