Justice and Hippies

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I have heard in recent days on various news programs many people saying, “I just want to see justice served. I just want justice.” In fact, just today I heard a radio clip of a clearly emotional woman who spoke of a priest charged with some kind of sexual abuse… in 1980… and she said, “I just want to see justice happen.”

Wow. 25 years later. They are trying this guy, and he may receive some sort of punishment for his crime. Which, technically is justice. I think.

People say all the time they just want justice. They do not!

“The one among you who has never done any wrong thing may throw the first stone at her.”

Justice is a nice idea, but if we were actually held to true justice… we would all be dead. Executed for our crimes. Not the big noticeable ones like sexually molesting young children or murder, or theft, or … you name it. But anything that goes against loving God with our entire being and loving everyone else as – or even more than – ourselves.

All of us are in the same boat. Flawed. Messed up. Guilty. We need to stop thinking justice is when someone gets locked in jail for a crime allegedly committed 25 years ago and concentrate on living freely in God’s love and loving everyone around us. Perhaps then there will be “justice”.

I kinda sound like a hippie…

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