Growing Up "Right"

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The Price is RightI was downstairs for a bit this morning (baking some chocolate chip cookies, actually…) and overheard Jen and the kids in the living room. They were watching the Price is Right, and I could hear things like, “That’s $92!?? No way!!” and, “Yes!!! Michael got $1.00!!!! Now [the next person] needs to get $1.00 too!”

First of all, it’s cool that my kids cheer for other people. That’s a life lesson that will serve them well if they carry it beyond gameshows. But, the other cool part?

I now can be certain that my kids are growing up right. They get quite regular doses of The Price Is Right!! You’re not a true American kid if you don’t know how to play Plink-O or the Shell Game or that cool one where the mountain climber climbs up, and if you got the wrong prices, falls off the top of the mountain.

Glad to know my kids are growing up Right. 🙂

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