I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

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One more quick post…

I’ve been doing laundry tonight, in between blog posts (and reading other blogs/sites). Our dryer has three settings for the automatic drying cycles. There is Less Dry, More Dry, and Optimum Dry. Now, unless I am not remembering the correct definition for the word “optimum“… when would you ever not choose “Optimum Dry”?



  1. I personally would dry everything in Optimum dry!!! I mean think of the confidence it will give you know you just didn’t dry your clothes in more or less dry, but in Optimum Dry…


  2. NO! If it’s “Optimum” then it’s the perfect setting. Less dry would just be… still wet. Optimum means no shrinking, perfect dryness… it’s optimum!

    Those other settings are just for people who need options. 🙂


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