The Busyness Continues

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Here I am at the Apple store, waiting to meet with a Genius for our Mac Mini. (Was trying to install the newest OS, Leopard, on it last night and that didn’t work.) 🙂 This is the first chance I have had since getting back from vacation to post anything to! (I used to do this more often…..) 🙂

I still do want to tell more of the stories that I did write down from our trip, but again… it’s finding/making the time to get them up here. I will be posting a “highlights” version soon, though. It was SUCH a great trip!!

I’m #3 on the list here, so I am keeping one eye on the Genius Bar… but trying to remember what I was going to say here… 🙂

A couple things of interest… first, the busyness does continue. Going on vacation was a nice escape from reality, but did make the work pile up a bit more. And, when I finally get to the projects I need to be working on, then I get a call or email from someone needing tech support on their sites. You never can quite predict how a day will go, eh?

Also, last night I watched Spider-Man 3 while re-installing the system software on my broken Mac Mini. 🙂 Actually really liked it. The violence is weirdly over the top, but “cartoony” enough to not be that bad. Aside from that, the story lines were very good. There were three different story lines of characters being consumed by revenge, and eventually overcoming it through forgiveness. Not as cheesy as that sounded. 🙂 Also just cool examples of the power of loving someone, even enough to die for them. (Don’t want to give away the ending…) 😉

So, I recommend it.

OK… it’s gotta be my turn soon!!!

I am here by myself also. We had dinner with some friends, and we were late 🙂 Just got to finish my waffle and head out for this appointment. Hope to get to hang out a bit once we finish this.

I hope we start it… 🙂

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