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Apple, Inc.As you are well aware, if you have spent any time at all here at, I am a big fan of all things Apple. I have informally been a “representative” for Apple for many years (often the number one resource for Apple info and assistance amongst people who know me) and was even officially a representative for a year and a half from 2006-2007 as an Apple Authorized Business Agent. Most recently, I signed on as an Apple Business Store Affiliate, which allowed me to place banners on my websites that paid me a commission when a click turned into a sale.

All very nice. But now, as of Saturday July 26th, 2008, I am actually employed by Apple, Inc. 🙂

OK, I’m just working as a specialist at the Apple Retail Store, but hey, it’s true: I’m an Apple employee. Most are convinced it’s just where I need to be, and I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to being around all the other Apple fans (my coworkers) and helping people solve their computing questions and even dreams by listening to them and recommending solutions from my 13 years of experience on the Mac platform. (And a few years as an Apple-trained agent as well.) Really, should be a blast.

This week I will be working a couple shifts, and actually get to get “on the floor” and do that. So, we’ll see how it goes, and if you’re in the Rochester area, make sure to stop by and visit. I’ll hook you up with the perfect Apple solution for you! It’s what I do. 🙂

[editor’s note: As an official employee of Apple now, I may not be as free to discuss Apple products, definitely not rumors, and other such things. That saddens me greatly, and I’ll definitely still be a huge promoter of all things Apple, but will also try to not overstep any boundaries. Apple is very good at boundaries…] 🙂


  1. Not yet, but perhaps some day 🙂 I’m actually leaning toward what they call Creative. (Which is another awesome title…) 🙂 We’ll see. For now, I’m a specialist.


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