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There are a few things that I am currently pondering regarding life with God and his church. I thought I’d just jot them down here, in a sort of short hand way. Perhaps you are pondering them as well and might add to my ponderings, but really I am putting them down here to look back later and see what I was pondering in 2008. 🙂

  • Worship:
    Do we need to publicly and corporately set God apart from all else, with or without musical aid?
  • Evangelism:
    Should I have more of an urgent desire to help people know they are loved by their Father?
  • Praying:
    With other people, I mean. How do I make an ongoing conversation with God easily flow into conversation with other believers – and my family.
  • Communion:
    It’s important to some people. Really important. But to me, just meaningless. Does it matter? How?

The things I am beginning to understand more: (and usually write about here)

  • Freedom:
    For me, and giving freedom to others.
  • Grace:
    For me, and treating other people with grace.
  • God’s love:
    Again, for me, and learning to give that to others.
  • Reality of God’s presence:
    Learning to live with Jesus every day.
  • Who Jesus is:
    The Word of God, my brother, God in flesh, “watching” him interact with people in the stories of the gospels

When I look at those lists, the first one mostly just seems silly, but to many people – including me for much of my life perhaps? – they are not silly but almost essential. Funny how perspective changes. Who knows the lists might change again after a while. They might be completely different. We’ll see.


  1. I like your focus on sharing the love of Father God as evangelism. I think “evangelism” has more often meant proving to people that they are sinners and going to hell. Love sounds so much better.

    I too have seen my perspective change and the first list seems less important as the second grows.

    Just my thoughts on your thoughts. 🙂


  2. I like my pastor’s explanation of ‘true freedom’. A slave in Bible times had no freedom whatsoever. He had to do his master’s bidding or be whipped or even killed. Some people would buy a slave and then publically give them their freedom. Many slaves chose to stay with that person as a bond slave, even though they were free to leave. Christ calls those of us who have put their trust in his saving grace, his bond servants. We’re free to do as we wish, but our love for him constrains us to stay close by his side and do his will. This is my ‘simplified’ version of Christian freedom. (see Romans 6, especially vs.16)


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