The Hours – Ali In The Jungle

The Hours: Ali in the Jungle EPI posted a video here a few days ago of a Nike commercial that we really liked. (Still do, in fact.) But, the song that we bought from the video—Ali in the Jungle – The Hours—needs to not be missed. (Just in case you did.)

The song was picked up by Nike for use in that commercial because of it’s inspiring lyrics, and it’s true, they are. I mentioned that in the previous post. But then we got to hear the rest of the song, and it’s equally cool. The chorus of the song mentions seven people (well, one might be a boat)* who overcame extraordinary odds to accomplish some incredible task or goal. I’ve linked each name in the lyrics below to a page that tells their story, so be sure to click the links in this post!

Just how are you gonna get up?

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish
And it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at

Everybody gets knocked down
Everybody gets knocked down
How quick are you gonna get up?
How quick are you gonna get up?
Everybody gets knocked down
Everybody gets knocked down
How quick are you gonna get up?
Just how are you gonna get up?

Like Ali in the Jungle
Like Nelson in jail…
Like Simpson on the mountain
Well with odds like that, they were bound to fail
Like Keller in the darkness…
Like Adams in the dock*
Like Ludwig Van, how I love that man,
Well the guy went deaf and didn’t give a damn, no

It’s not where you are, it’s where you’re going
Where are you going?
And it’s not about the things you’ve done, it’s what you’re doing now
What are you doing now?

Everybody gets knocked down
Everybody gets knocked down
How quick are you gonna get up?
How quick are you gonna get up?
Everybody gets knocked down
Everybody gets knocked down
How quick are you gonna get up?
Just how are you gonna get up?

It’s the greatest comeback since Lazarus,
The greatest comeback since Lazarus
It’s the greatest comeback since Lazarus,
The greatest comeback, the greatest comeback

audio clip from the “rumble in the jungle”:
This is the most joyous scene ever seen in the history of boxing! This is an incredible scene! The place is going wild! Muhammad Ali has won! Muhammad Ali has won! By a knockdown! By a knockdown! The thing they said was impossible, he’s done!

* – not actually sure first what they are saying on this line, second which “Adams” they are referring to. Could it also be this ship? Maybe a member of The Hours will see this post and leave a comment… 🙂

It’s Not Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At

Nike: The Human Chain

I’m not 100% sure of the title of this commercial, but I saw it several times during the Olympics and really liked it. The commercial is very visually creative (and cool) and I like the song. Especially the line, “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”

We just started reading Oliver Twist tonight (the boys and I) and the first chapter describes how he was born into pretty bleak circumstances. Mom died at birth. No dad. No idea where Mum was from. And to top it off, he was born at a “workhouse” (amongst those at the bottom rung of the social ladder.)

So I remembered that line from this song. It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. I told the boys of the line from the Bible, “Man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart.” It’s pretty easy for us to decide who someone is by their appearance, or their life circumstances. It’s easy, but it’s wrong. And often incorrect.

Enjoy the commercial video… it’s cool. And remember, it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.

Music: Ali in the Jungle – The Hours

Steven Curtis Chapman: This Moment

Also available as an MP3 Download ($9.49)

Steven Curtis Chapman has always been one of my favorite songwriters. At least, “always” since I began listening to music that would be labeled “Christian” in my late teens. (Holy cow, that seems so long ago…) For whatever reason—for many reasons—his music and his lyrics really connect with me. (And I with them?) I was talking about this with Jen last night and was realizing the perhaps a key part of it is that he and I think on the same things, and think similarly on those things. And how he says it must also resonate with me as well. (Plus, the music is great, well-done, excellent, too.)

Sometime last week I decided to listen to an album of his—the album in the box at the top of this post. Often when we play music in our house, we make full use of the “shuffle” feature on our iPod and let the tiny musical device be our DJ as it selects from any of our 4000 or so songs, making for a very nice eclectic mix of styles. But after hearing one of Steven’s songs, I thought it would be fun to actually listen through a whole album.

I was right.

If you own This Moment, I would like to recommend that you pull it out now (or queue it up) and have a good listen. If you don’t yet own the album, BUY IT! Really. It’s very worth it. Not only is the music fun, excellent, and fairly diverse (style-wise) … the theme of the album is what we all really need to hear and know.

You are being loved. You ought to hear his version of Amazing Grace. It’s crazy things that love will make you do. There’s a wonder in the here in now, right there in front of you. Don’t miss the miracle of the moment.

I contemplated actually posting thoughts on each of his songs here individually, and perhaps someday I may, but for now, I’d really rather you have a listen yourself. He does such a great job of capturing the truth of how much our father loves us (including, I think, through a song about loving every moment of his daughter’s life, being her Dad—Cinderella.)

It’s definitely not just this album, but for the moment, I am highly (as highly as I can) recommending this particular album—This Moment. If you have an hour where you can really take in the lyrics, do. The words flow from a real, living, deep relationship with our loving Father, and will hopefully remind you of just how loved you are as you listen.

You ought to see the smile you’re bringing to your Father’s face
You ought to hear him sing his version of Amazing Grace.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Snow!We have been getting snow the last few days here, and last night it finally turned into “real” snow! (The kind that comes down in big, fluffy flakes and starts piling up on everything quickly!) And it looks like there’s more where that came from!

I love snow! It just makes me smile, and even fairly giddy! 🙂 Not sure how it does that for me, since most folks my age seem to have lost the excitement and joy that slow-falling snow can bring. But somehow, it does! And it’s so fun to see the kids bubbly with excitement, too, as they stand at the door taking in the wonder of the new-fallen snow. So fun!

Not sure if we’ll have a “white Christmas”, but the current weather certainly helps it feel more like Christmas time! Time to play some Christmas music… 🙂

Serious Discussions

After seeing her Mom crying while listening to the Beauty Will Rise album in the van yesterday, Kirstie seemed to be the most affected by the story of a five year old girl going to heaven. (Perhaps because she is also five years old herself?)

She told me about it when they got home, and kept bringing it up. So we got to chat about the strange paradox of the joy of heaven and the sorrow of death, the reality of where our “home” is and the beauty of living in a broken world that Jesus walks through with us. (Good stuff about that paradox in 2 Corinthians 5.)

It was so interesting to see the seriousness in her face as we talked about these things. As she talked about a little girl dying. As we thought ahead to the time when both of us will go home to heaven, eventually. She said, “But you’ll always be my Dad. Even when you’re a Grandpa, you’ll be my Dad.” She added later, “And I’ll always be 5, or 6, or 7.” 🙂 I assured her that she would grow up, and that was a good thing.

And I also hugged her and assured her that I’ll always be her Dad.

Even our three year old got in on the serious discussions, relaying to me the story of Maria Chapman, how she had died and gone home to heaven. It was pretty interesting how the new album we were listening to sparked many thoughts and discussions throughout the day. And why not? It is a strange part of life. Death, seeming like an end from behind this door, but our confidence that it is a beginning … happy and sad all at once. How can that be?

Who knows what the future holds. On the album, Beauty Will Rise, the song “February 20th” is about that day in 2008 when Maria was asking about heaven, and said she wanted to go there. A line from the song says, “But we could never have imagined she’d be going there so soon.” We never know. All we know is that Jesus said he would never leave us, and that when we die here, we will be with him. For real.

For now, the events of the last day or so have made me notice when my kids need me. I may be doing something, feeling busy… but I can do that later.

How special each of my kids are to me. How special Jen is to me. That is what matters. Now, and forever.

Thanks Steven, for the reminder.

Beauty Will Rise – Steven Curtis Chapman

As with pretty much every release of his, we purchased Steven Curtis Chapman‘s latest album, Beauty Will Rise, the day that it was first available to do so. We love his music, so there was no question we would purchase it at some point, but this project was different.

On May 21st, 2008, the Chapmans lost their then 5-year-old daughter, Maria in an accident on their own property. Horribly sad event, compounded by the fact that her brother was driving the car that took her life. (I wrote about it here the day after it happened.) An unthinkable series of events that obviously changed their lives forever.

Now a year and a half later, the title song of this collection says it all: Beauty will rise. (From Isaiah 61:3.)

From his blog, and his Facebook fan page, Steven has been sharing a lot of the backstory of the songs and the album. The songs (as always) do a good job of telling the story themselves.

Even if you have never experienced a similar tragedy, I am almost certain that everyone has wondered “where were you God?” on an occasion or two… or more. These songs are real, “raw” (is what Steven called them), honest … and incredibly hopeful. I think every comment or review I’ve seen has mentioned tears flowing when listening to the songs for the first time. It’s hard not to, yet somehow, they are hopeful tears.

I think that is what God does best. He is with us through the hardest stuff. And somehow brings greatness—beauty—from the ruin—the ashes.

He knows the way to wherever you are,
He knows the way to the depths of your heart.
He knows the way ’cause he’s already been where you’re going.
Jesus will meet you there.

I really like the third line of that chorus (from the song Jesus Will Meet You There) because it reminds me of the bigger picture perspective. No matter what happens, we will continue to move forward, and Jesus knows where we’re going. And he’ll bring and meet us there.

Nothing will bring back their daughter, but they have the hope that one day they will see her again. (Another great song from the album, “See”.) Meanwhile, they know Jesus is going with them through the loss—which Steven likened to an amputation, and coping with that, adjusting to that as being how they are “healing”.

If you have $10 or so… my opinion is, it couldn’t be more well spent.

Life Is You

So… it always happens this way…

In the middle of intense busyness and while feeling quite burdened and overly stressed … a song was birthed.

I really don’t do that much anymore. I can easily push them aside, the little lyrics and melodies and piano/guitar riffs. I have other stuff to do. And, well, I really do. But today, it just didn’t work. The song was coming out whether I wanted it to or not. (These are the kind that I write in about 15-20 minutes total.)

It’s pretty cool because, this is definitely a lot of what I have been thinking lately. Two things I wish I could pass along to other believers—really just everyone—is that they are so treasured by God the Father, and that they truly are lovable. The other thing (that is often a product of understanding the first thing) is the freedom from religious and performance-based mindsets. God wants a relationship with us, not a behavioral adjustment.

I haven’t played it enough to have a coherent audio recording of it yet, but I figured I’d publish this “first draft” of the song lyric here, just for fun. Maybe I’ll add the audio at a later date. (Though I’ll probably do that here…)

For now, here’s the song I couldn’t keep back: 🙂

Life Is You
© 2009 Greg Campbell

Part of me wants to sit down and write a song for you
So you can know the freedom I do
Part of me wants to give up my very life for you
So you can know the Way, the Life, the Truth

Part of me wants to give everything that I can give
And end all the hunger I see
Part of me is aching for everyone to see
They are beautiful inherently

(But) it seems so futile, it seems so pointless
I’m not getting through
My words don’t seem to have the power
To really show them you

I will just live it, live this life with you
And watch you open eyes
I will just live it, the Way, the Life, the Truth
Until they realize
You are the Way…
You are the Truth…
You are the Life… the Life
Life is You!

(Instrumental loop, then pre-chorus to Chorus)

There is nothing that has been made that isn’t from you
There is nothing that has been made that isn’t for you
‘Cause you are the Way, you are the Truth, you are the Life… Jesus
‘Cause you are the Way, you are the Truth, you are the Life, yeah!

(Chorus 2x to end)

Life is You… you are the Life
Life is You… (ad lib)

Related Scriptures, if you’re interested: John 14:6, 17:3, Ephesians 1, Colossians 1:15-23(ish), and probably more… Sells Music

CD Baby StatsI know that might sound funny, if you know anything about“Of COURSE they sell music… that’s what they DO!!”

But, my point is: They really do.

I was on their site today checking up on our account with them and not only is their site just magnificent in its usability (and now it’s design, too!) I was also able to see very easily what we have sold, what’s in stock, and THAT we have sold more music via CDBaby (and their digital distribution of our music) maybe even than through our own website!

Check out the stats in that graphic… $111 Million sent to artists (that wasn’t all to us…) 😉 That’s pretty cool. And their service is pretty top-notch still, considering the number of artists they are helping now. They really do good work.

So if you are an artist, definitely check them out. Very worth every penny you spend (and it’s really not many pennies!) If you just like music, check it out, too. Lots of great stuff on their site. We found a band we really like there, the Stewart-Mayfield Project. Tons and tons more.

You can also find our music there!

So give it a try. That’s your friendly recommendation for the week from GregsHead.


[Song For The Day] Come As You Are

Come As You Are
Come As You Are

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Come As You Are
Today’s song – the final song in this 7-day celebration of the 7-year anniversary of the album – is the title track, Come As You Are. If you have been following along all week, you may see the reason we chose this song as the title song for the album. Most of the 13 tracks on it remind us of God’s unending grace and love for us. How he invites us to Come As (we) Are, not who we will be. It’s truly the “good news” that Jesus brought, and we still live in today.

I wrote the song for both piano and guitar, but perhaps mainly piano. The song is sung from the voice of God, until the middle section where we sing back to him “I am not worthy of the cross! I am not worthy of your love!” How can we, who are so often selfish and so often just messed up … how can we be the object of his affection? But, “as dearly loved children” … we are. And the middle section resolves back to our Father singing to us, “Come as you are, I want to be – so near to your heart just call on me. I will never desert you, in my arms I will shield you from all harm… come as you are.”

LISTEN HERE (for RSS feed only) | lyrics @

With this being the 7th anniversary week of the release of Come As You Are, I am highlighting some of the songs we liked best from the album. All week I’ll post a song (via the magic of that you can listen to, and a link to purchase the song or album from iTunes or us. You don’t have to buy it… since you can just listen to the whole thing right here at … but if you don’t have the album, we have a bunch of CDs sitting in boxes that would be better off sitting in your music player of choice. 🙂

[Song For The Day] You Love Me

Come As You Are
Come As You Are

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Song | Album

You Love Me
Today’s song probably doesn’t get played very often. It’s not a “radio length” song. (It’s around six minutes long.) It’s near the end of the album, and we don’t do it that often when we perform live. But in our recent listen to the album, we really enjoyed it on many levels. First, it’s another great reminder that no matter how ugly we get, even at our worst moment, God loves and accepts us completely. He’s not afraid of our ugly. And that super amazing love draws us to him, and truly changes our hearts. Amazing.

Musically, the song starts with a little bass groove (from Todd “Bassshaker” Earnst!) and has a little of everything in it. A guitar-driven song, there are multiple layers of guitar: acoustic, crunchy electric, a little “wah wah” 70s-sounding guitar… you name it! The funny story behind the song is that when we first got Ian a tiny 1/4 size guitar, I was having fun playing with it, and ended up writing this song while I did!

LISTEN HERE (for RSS feed only) | lyrics @

With this being the 7th anniversary week of the release of Come As You Are, I am highlighting some of the songs we liked best from the album. All week I’ll post a song (via the magic of that you can listen to, and a link to purchase the song or album from iTunes or us. You don’t have to buy it… since you can just listen to the whole thing right here at … but if you don’t have the album, we have a bunch of CDs sitting in boxes that would be better off sitting in your music player of choice. 🙂