"Surprise" Guest on This Week in Tech

Geordi La ForgeI often listen to podcasts while I work (at my home office), and frequently, they are produced by twit.tv. This afternoon, I began listening to the latest episode of the main show, This Week In Tech (TWIT), and there was a surprise guest… Geordi La Forge! 🙂

Didn’t know he was so much of a tech guy. AND, a Mac guy! Very nice. Knew I liked him… 😉

Unofficial Star Trek Movie

This weekend I discovered an unofficial Star Trek movie, which was released over the internet, officially completing this month. It’s a three part series which you can watch online, produced by Renegade Studios, and actually has many familiar Star Trek actors in it, some even playing their familiar Star Trek roles.

The movie is called Of Gods and Men and was directed by Tim Russ, who played Tuvoc on Star Trek: Voyager. The story was written by two Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers as well.

Even though you can tell it’s done on a much smaller budget, I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far (about half way through) and wanted to spread the word. It was done, according to a wikipedia article as a “’40th anniversary gift’ from Star Trek actors to their fans” in 2006.

Virtual Reality… Reality?

Wii Fit
A friend sent me this link the other day… it’s to a new/different version of Nintendo’s Wii. Check out the demo video on that page. Incredible. Virtual reality may not be a (perfect) reality, but it’s getting close. There is technology coming (or maybe already in use) that will allow a screen to also be a camera. (Like Star Trek!) where one pixel is a screen pixel and one is a camera! Side by side! I can see how that will allow virtual reality to be much more real. Interacting with a virtual world with no extra devices. It’s certainly coming…

Check out the video.